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Blue Marbled Kumo Cup

Blue Marbled Kumo Cup
Blue Marbled Kumo Cup


Blue Marbled Kumo Cup


Distinctive marbled patterns and finger dimple for grip. Made from Australian porcelain with a clear gloss glaze, it's a highly versatile piece ideal for coffee, cocktails, flowers, pencils and beyond.

This piece was designed during a residency in Arita, Japan.
Made with three main design considerations:

1. Form: The shape of the cup must be easy for the user to hold in their hand and the lip of the cup must be comfortable against the lip of its user. The form should stand the test of time.

2. Material: The material must be translucent, vitrified and durable for everyday use. It should present its content beautifully.

3. Capacity: It should hold a satisfying amount of liquid for its user and must consider the way the liquid moves through the vessel into the user’s mouth.

90 x 90 x 80 cm
Capacity approx. 280ml
Porcelain & Black Pigment
Made in Sydney Australia