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The Sora Collection explores the unique material of Japanese porcelain. This work was made in collaboration with 150 year old kiln, Kouraku Gama, after Milly spent three months abroad honing in on her skills amongst Japanese artisans.

Arita, the birthplace of porcelain in Japan, is renowned for its high quality porcelain and cutting edge techniques. Directed by the fifth-generation porcelain expert, the products of the factory are deeply ingrained in Arita’s history and culture.

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The Sora Collection consists of the Kumo Cup (雲- Cloud), Ame Flute (雨 - Rain) and Minamo Saucer (水面 - Water’s Surface).

A feature piece in the Sora collection, the stemless Ame Flute offers a striking glassy blue alternative to traditional glass flute designs and can be used as a champagne glass, a vase or as a sake cup. The flutes come in sets of three and five as an ode to Japanese superstitions surrounding the unlucky nature of the number four.

Styling by Alicia Sciberras
Photography by Luke Byrne