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COMMON GROUND. The concept will be explored by 3 pairs of Painters and ceramicists. Common Ground – where a fresh approach to curating will produce a show of ceramic art that owes a major debt to painting.

Exploring the nature of shared ideas and sources of inspiration, Common Ground presents the work of 3 painters, each paired with a ceramicist of their choice selected to collaborate on ideas based on common values and preoccupations.

In simple terms this collaboration might mean the ceramic artist has created a new range of forms, which will then be decorated by the painter. But how each pair of artists chooses to work together is up to them. What we anticipate is that, in exploring the common ground between them the artists will develop ideas that push the boundaries of their established art practices, and we’re looking forward to seeing some surprising and exciting new artworks and approaches as a result.

As all the artists selected for Common Ground have been influenced and inspired by the natural world, the environment will form a unifying theme for the show, creating an exhibition that will have an element of ‘green’ all round.

Given that nature will be at the heart of everything, we’re looking forward to seeing a range of interesting dialogues developing between the works, and a cohesive show brimming with comparisons and contrasts, and alive with new ideas.

Collaborative Statement
Milly and Evi are both Sydney based designers and artists, who met at Saint Cloche. Working together for the brief ‘Common Ground’, they explored forms from nature, with the forms quite literally being cast from moulds made from eggplants–both artists’ favourite vegetable–creating sets of functional tray, cups and vases/jugs. The surface features a combination of their aesthetic, Milly Dent’s signature marbling and Evi O’s abstract shapes and colours.

Photography by Alana Dimou

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