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For her solo show, Blanc Feelings, Milly Dent furthers her investigation of the material of porcelain, through a series that bonds perpendicular lines with balanced fluid clay bodies. Exploring this dichotomy, she examines light and shadow through sculptural ceramic form. Dent’s work is a continued study of the intimate, tangible and ever challenging nature of porcelain.

Unlike her signature blue marbled ceramics, this body of work will be mostly neutral, and pays homage to the power of tactility and texture. The works includes functional vessels as well as more ambiguous forms.

Intrigued by porcelain’s reputation as a smooth and compliant clay, each object showcased in Blanc fFeelings is an investigation of material surface tension, developed across a scale of thickness, roughness and the whiteness of the clay body. Subtle shifts in surface finish from raw unglazed porcelain to gloss glaze to ethereal gold lustre, are used to celebrate the fine detail.

As a traditionally industrial process, associated with larger scale production, Milly utilises the slip casting process as the primary mode to construct this bespoke body of work. Beyond slip casting she explores experimental burn out methods and a wide variety of natural materials - wood chips, sawdust, cardboard, popcorn, sunflower seeds - for variation in surface texture. The result, a series of innovative porcelain outsources.

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Photography by Kelly Geddes

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